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Terms of use Dxrcointrade.com

Welcome to the Dxrcointrade.com Terms of Use! It's a great pleasure to have you on board. Thank you for choosing our services.

We link below important legal terms applicable to anyone who visits our website or uses our services. These terms are necessary to protect both the User and the site, as well as to make our services possible and more efficient for everyone. Dxrcointrade offers a wide range of services and features and some of the terms below may not be relevant to the specific services you use.

We understand that legal terms can be a tiresome read and we try to make the experience more enjoyable. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve them, your suggestions will be most welcome. Contact us at support@dxrcointrade.com.

1. Introduction

1.1. Our goal
Our services provide our users with the ability to easily create a highly functional online presence for themselves, manage and promote business, content and ideas, and to have overall great experience in these activities - without being experts technology or projects. As detailed below, we offer our users a wealth of tools and resources for creating, publishing and using amazing websites, e-commerce platforms, newsletters, galleries, media players, mobile apps and other applications, tools and services on -line and furniture. Users' and online sites and platforms created by Users are hereby collectively referred to as "User Platform (s)".

#It's that simple

Dxrcointrade.com provides online and mobile services and tools that enable the User to create, manage and / or use their own online and mobile presence.

1.2. Legal agreement
These Dxrcointrade.com Terms of Use ("Terms of Use"), together with the additional terms specifically applicable to some of our services and features, as posted on Dxrcointrade.com) (collectively the "Dxrcointrade Site" and collectively " Dxrcointrade Terms "), collectively constitute the entire content of the terms and conditions applicable to each visitor or User (" User "or" you ") of the Dxrcointrade Site, the Dxrcointrade mobile application (the" Dxrcointrade App ") and / or any other service, application, or feature offered by Dxrcointrade related thereto unless otherwise provided by Dxrcointrade (all services offered through the Dxrcointrade Site or Dxrcointrade App collectively - "Dxrcointrade Services" or simply "Services").

The Dxrcointrade Terms constitute a legally binding and enforceable agreement between Dxrcointrade.com Ltd. and its affiliated companies and subsidiaries worldwide (hereinafter simply "Dxrcointrade" or any first-person plural term) and the User in connection with the use of any Dxrcointrade Services - so please read them carefully.

You may visit and use the Dxrcointrade services and / or the Dxrcointrade App only if you are in full agreement with the Dxrcointrade Terms - and by using and registering with any Dxrcointrade Services, you are agreeing to and committing to these Terms of Use and with any other Dxrcointrade Terms applicable to the use of any Dxrcointrade Service. If you do not read, fully understand and agree to the Dxrcointrade Terms, you must immediately leave the Dxrcointrade Site and avoid or discontinue any use of the Dxrcointrade Services.


By using our Services, you acknowledge that you have read our Privacy Policy, which is available at http://www.Dxrcointrade.com/ (Privacy Policy)

#It's that simple

By visiting our site or using our applications and / or services, you are entering into a legal agreement with us, which consists of these Terms of Use, and our additional legal terms for the provision of services.

By using our services, you grant your consent to these terms. and you acknowledge that you have read our Privacy Policy. You may not use our services if you do not agree with all of our terms.

1.3. User Account
In order to access and use certain sections and features of the Dxrcointrade Services, the user must first register and create a Dxrcointrade account ("User account").

If any third party accesses your User Account and / or any configuration of your User Platforms, it may take any action available to you (unless otherwise specified in the Dxrcointrade Services), make changes to your User Platform (s) ) and User Account, and accept any legal terms available on those sites, make representations and provide warranties, among other things - and all such activities will be deemed to be made on your behalf and with your authorization.


Therefore, we strongly recommend that you keep your user account access credentials confidential and allow access only to people you trust - as the sole person will be entirely responsible for all activities that occur in your User Account and in their User Platforms (including any statements, warranties or commitments made therein), whether they have been authorized by the user or not, as well as for any damages, expenses or damages they may incur from such activities.


You must provide accurate and complete information when registering your User Account and using the Dxrcointrade Services, of which you will be the sole and exclusive holder. We strongly recommend that you provide your own (or company) contact and billing information, including a valid email address, which we may use to identify and determine the actual and current owner of the User Account and User content (as defined below) as communicated to Dxrcointrade.


In the event of a dispute over the ownership of the User Account, Dxrcointrade reserves the right to determine and grant ownership of the User Account based on its appropriate judgment, whether in case of independent investigation on its own initiative or not. However, if we can not make such determination (in our sole discretion), Dxrcointrade reserves the right not to do so, and / or suspend the User Account until the disputing parties to such ownership reach a resolution without incurring any liability to you or to any third party. Dxrcointrade may request documentation (eg government issued identification, a business license) that may assist us in determining ownership. Dxrcointrade will consider the following established principles, among others.

Dxrcointrade will consider the owner of a User Account, User Platform and / or User Content created and sent to the relevant Dxrcointrade Services as the person or entity with access to the email address then included in the Dxrcointrade records for this User Account under which the User Platform or User Content was created.

If any Paid Services (as defined in Section 5 below) have been acquired through a User Account, Dxrcointrade will consider the owner of such User Account and / or the relevant User Platform and / or User Content created under such User Account account as the person or entity whose billing data was used to acquire such Paid Services ("Billing Information"). Notwithstanding the foregoing, where applicable, if a User Platform is connected to an external domain name (imported or purchased as part of certain Paid Services as defined below), and the domain name registration information is publicly available through WHOIS database provided on the www.whois.net site or in the Dxrcointrade database, Dxrcointrade will consider that the owner of this User Platform is the person or entity registered as the owner of such domain. In the event that both a physical person and a legal entity are registered as owners of said domain, Dxrcointrade will consider the legal entity as the effective owner of the domain and, therefore, as owner of the User Platform connected to that domain. In the event that the billing information indicates a person as owner of the User Platform and the domain registration indicates a different owner, Dxrcointrade will consider the person registered as owner of the domain connected to the Dxrcointrade Account as the owner of the User Platform.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Dxrcointrade shall have the right to determine ownership of the User Content and / or User Platform at its option, including by disregarding the above stipulated indications, should Dxrcointrade consider, in its sole discretion, that the situation warrants such a determination, all based on the factual situation as determined by Dxrcointrade.

2. User Obligations

2.1. You represent and warrant that:
is at least eighteen (18) years of age or who is deemed to be of legal age in his or her jurisdiction and has the legitimate authority, rights and liberty to enter into the Dxrcointrade Terms, as well as to engage in a contractual, self-employed relationship or on behalf of the person or entity represented by it in the Dxrcointrade Terms;

is not a resident of (or will use the Dxrcointrade Services at) a country that has been embargoed by the US government for use of the Dxrcointrade Services, nor is it listed on the US Department of the Treasury's Specially Designated Citizens list or any other applicable trade sanctions regulation;

your country of residence and / or your country of incorporation is the same as the country specified in the contact and / or billing address provided to us;

you understand that Dxrcointrade does not provide any legal advice or recommendation regarding any laws or requirements applicable to your use of or any of its End Users of these Services or its compliance therewith; And specifically with respect to User Content:

you confirm that you are the owner of all rights and ownership of all content submitted or provided by you, or imported, copied or recorded by Dxrcointrade Services to you, to your User Platform (in this instrument "User Content" ), including any design, image, animation, video, audio file, source, logo, code, illustration, composition, work of art, interface, user names, information provided by the user for the purpose of creating a subdomain name, text, literary work and any other material ("Content"), or that it holds (and will continue to hold) full powers, ownership, licenses, consents and authority, for User Content, as necessary to allow its access to, copy, use, publication, transfer or licensing of this User Content by you and Dxrcointrade or any of its affiliates

you have (and will maintain) the full power, title, license, consents and authority to allow Dxrcointrade Services to access any sites, web pages and / or other online services for the purpose of importing, copying, transmission and / or use of your User Content.

User Content is (and will remain) true, accurate, accurate, does not infringe any third party right and its recording, import, copying, possession, posting, transmission, display or otherwise use by the user can not in any way be considered unlawful in the country where the user is or visitors and users of his User Platform (in this "End Users" instrument) that will access the content reside, as well as access, import, copy, recording, use or possession by Dxrcointrade and / or End Users linked to the Dxrcointrade Services;

has obtained all the authorizations and permissions required by applicable law in connection with the posting, transmission and publication of any personal information or image or likeness to any person, entity or property that is part of the User Content, and undertakes to observe the laws that apply to their content and use.

#It's that simple

To use the services of Dxrcointrade, there are certain obligations and conditions that the user must comply with.


The user must, among other things, ensure legal maturity, reside and use our services in a location that allows it.


In addition, you must retain all rights in any content you record or publish or that Dxrcointrade will access, import and / or send to you using our services, ensure that such content is legal and reliable, and that anything that is made with such content (or is permitted by Dxrcointrade or End Users to do) is equally legal.

2.2. The user agrees and agrees to:
fully comply with all applicable laws and any other contractual terms governing your use of the Dxrcointrade Services (and any related interaction or transaction), including the specific laws applicable to you or your End Users, irrespective of your geographical location;
be solely responsible for any use of the Dxrcointrade Services that may occur on your User Account and / or User Platform (s), as well as any portion of your User Content (including any consequences for access, sending, copying, using or publishing the User Content or in connection with the Dxrcointrade Services);

regularly and independently record and back up all of your user content and information processed by you in relation to the User Platform, including those relating to End Users, User Products and any third party application and / or Service used;

regularly receive messages and promotional materials from Dxrcointrade or its partners by mail, email or any other form of contact provided by the User (including the telephone number provided for voice or text messages). If you do not wish to receive the aforementioned promotional notices or messages, you only have to notify Dxrcointrade at any time;

to allow Dxrcointrade to use any version of the User Platform (and any portion of it) for any Dxrcointrade online and / or offline promotional or marketing activity on a permanent, worldwide, and free basis, and to modify it as appropriate warranted to do so, and also waives any claim against Dxrcointrade or any person acting on its behalf, in respect of any moral, artistic or other similar right, present, past or future that the user can justify by virtue of its User Platform and in relation to the limited use allowed in them;

to comply with Dxrcointrade's sole discretion with respect to the media, formats and methods of execution of the Dxrcointrade Services, including those relating to the hosting, transmission, publication and / or display of any Platform and / or User Content (including publication and presentation of any commercial or commercial content relating to such resources).

Dxrcointrade shall have the right to offer the Dxrcointrade Services in accordance with alternative pricing plans and to establish different restrictions on the shipping, storage, download and use of the Dxrcointrade Services in each pricing plan, including, without limitation, restrictions on network traffic and / or duration of Content, quality and / or format of Content, sources of Content, volume of download time, number of subscribers of your Content, etc.

#It's that simple

The user must observe all applicable laws.

You are responsible for your acts and for the acts of anyone accessing your User Account or your user platform settings.

You must make regular backups of your content.


You agree that Dxrcointrade or its partners may send messages and promotional content.

The user can easily choose not to receive promotional messages by contacting Dxrcointrade.


You allow Dxrcointrade to use your site for promotional activities, as well as to determine how services will be provided.


• You agree that Dxrcointrade has the right to impose and change the price plans for your Services. In addition, Dxrcointrade may impose restrictions depending on the specific use of the Service by the User.

2.3. The User agrees and agrees not to>
copy, change, reuse, derivative works, download, adapt, reverse engineer, emulate, migrate to another service, translate, compile, decompile or disassemble the Dxrcointrade Site, the Dxrcointrade Services (or any part thereof) by Dxrcointrade or Third Party Services for use and display on User Platforms (hereinafter "Licensed Content") and / or any portion thereof, in any way, or otherwise publicly perform, transmit, transmit or distribute any of the above without prior authorization written consent of Dxrcointrade and the specific consent and / or expressed in the terms determined by Dxrcointrade;

forward, transmit or display any User Content or use Licensed Content in a context that may be considered defamatory, libelous, obscene, harassing, threatening, inflammatory, abusive, racist, offensive, deceptive or fraudulent, encouraging criminal or harmful conduct, or in any way, violates the rights of Dxrcointrade or third parties (including any intellectual property rights, privacy rights, contractual terms or fiduciary rights), or display images of any person, entity or brand in an unfavorable situation, without its approval prior and express;

use any illegal action to collect login data and / or passwords for other sites, third parties, software or services;

use phishing, collect, upload or make available credit card information or other forms of financial data used to collect payments, except if made in accordance with any applicable law, including PCI DSS standard where applicable;

upload, insert, collect or otherwise make available on the Dxrcointrade Site or the Dxrcointrade Services (or any part thereof) any malicious, unlawful, defamatory or obscene content;

publish and / or use the Dxrcointrade Services or Licensed Content on any Dxrcointrade website, media, network or system website, and / or to portray, deep link or page scrape, mirror and / or create a browser or a delimited environment based on any Dxrcointrade Service, Licensed Content and / or User Platform (or any part thereof), except as expressly permitted by Dxrcointrade in advance and in writing;

use any "robot", "spider" or other automatic device, program, script, algorithm or methodology, or any similar or similar manual process, to access, copy or monitor any part of the Dxrcointrade Services (or their data and / or Content ), or in any way reproduce or circumvent the navigation structure or presentation of any of the Dxrcointrade Services to obtain or attempt to obtain materials, documents, services or information by any means not intentionally made available by Dxrcointrade Services;

act in a manner that could be considered to be prejudicial to Dxrcointrade's reputation and good faith or that could detract from or damage Dxrcointrade's image;

purchase keywords from search engines or pay-per-click (as in Google AdWords), or domain names that use Dxrcointrade or Dxrcointrade tags and / or variations with or without intentional errors of the latter;

to impersonate any person or entity or to provide false information about the Dxrcointrade Services and / or the User Platform, either directly or indirectly, or otherwise perform any manipulation to disguise the identity or source of any message or protocol that the user to send to Dxrcointrade and any End User;

falsely declare or otherwise misrepresent your association to any person or entity or falsely express or imply that Dxrcointrade or any third party has endorsed you, your User Platform, your company, your User Products, or any statements made by you;

reverse-search, track or attempt to track the Dxrcointrade Services of another user or otherwise interfere with or violate another User's right to your privacy or other rights, or obtain or collect data that identifies visitors or users of Dxrcointrade Services and / or of the User Platform, without the express and conscious permission thereof;

disabling, circumventing, bypassing or otherwise preventing any action taken to prevent or restrict access to the Dxrcointrade Services, the User Platform, the accounts of other users), or any other system or network connected to the Dxrcointrade Services, acting as a hacker , pimping passwords or otherwise illegal or prohibited;

perform a scan, scan, or vulnerability test of the Dxrcointrade Services or any network connected to the Dxrcointrade Services;

upload to Dxrcointrade Services and / or the User Platform or otherwise use them to design, develop, distribute, or otherwise transmit or run viruses, Trojan horses, time bombs, bugs, spyware, malware, or any other code computer, file or program that may damage or tamper with, or for that purpose, the operation of any telecommunication hardware, software, or equipment or any other potentially harmful or harmful or invasive code or component;

perform any act that imposes an unreasonable or disproportionately high load on the Dxrcointrade Services infrastructure or on the Dxrcointrade systems or networks or otherwise interferes with or tamper with the operation of any Dxrcointrade Service or the servers or networks hosting them , or that it breaches any requirement, procedure, policy or standard of such servers or networks;

use any Dxrcointrade Service and / or User Platform to insert any type of spam, unsolicited message, fraud, scam, phishing, "chains", "pyramids" or similar conduct, or engage in marketing or advertising that may harm ethical principles;

accessing the Dxrcointrade Services, User Accounts, Licensed Content and / or user content, by any means or technology (eg scapping and crawling) other than our publicly approved interfaces.

sell, license or exploit for any commercial purpose whatsoever any use or access to the Licensed Content and the Dxrcointrade Services, except as expressly permitted by the Dxrcointrade Terms;

remove or alter any copyright notice, watermark, restrictions and signs that indicate the exclusive rights of any licensor, including copyright trademarks [], common creative articles [(cc)] or trademarks registered [® or ™] contained in or attached to Dxrcointrade Services and Licensed Content; or

violate, attempt to violate or otherwise breach any Dxrcointrade Term or any law or requirement applicable to the use of the Dxrcointrade Services by the User.

access or use the Services for benchmarking or similar analysis for competition or to build a competing product or service

You acknowledge and agree that if you breach any of the above provisions or make a false statement hereunder, this may result in immediate termination of your User Account and / or any Service provided to you - with or without further notice to you. without any refund of amounts paid by any Service.

3. Content and ownership

3.1. Intellectual property of the user
In the terms of the covenants between Dxrcointrade and the user, the latter owns all intellectual property rights relating to your User Content and any other material created by the User, including all projects, images, animations, videos, audio files, fonts, logos, illustrations, compositions, works of art, codes, interfaces, texts, and literary works. Dxrcointrade does not claim ownership rights over the content of the User. For the sole purpose of providing you with the service, you acknowledge and agree that Dxrcointrade will need to access, upload and / or copy User Content to our platform, including cloud and CDN services, to make adjustments to the display, duplicates for backup and perform any other technical measures and / or uses necessary to perform our services, as Dxrcointrade deems appropriate.

#It's that simple

You own all rights to your content. In order to provide its services to the User, Dxrcointrade manages, stores, backs up and copies the User content between servers.

3.2. Intellectual Property of Dxrcointrade
All rights, title and interest in the Dxrcointrade Services, including any and all copyrighted material or any other content of the genre that is or may become subject to any intellectual property right under any applicable law (including any work of art, (including html), applications, audio, music, video and other types of media, projects, animations, interfaces, documentation. Dxrcointrade Services, methods, products, algorithms, data, resources and interactive objects, advertising and purchasing tools and methods, inventions, industrial secrets, logos, domains, custom URLs , trademarks, service marks, trade names and other unique identifiers, whether or not it is registered (collectively, "Intellectual Property"), and any derivative thereof, are owned and licensed by Dxrcointrade.


Subject to full compliance with the Dxrcointrade Terms and timely payment of all applicable Fees, Dxrcointrade hereby grants you, by creating your User Account and for as long as Dxrcointrade determines, a non-exclusive, non-transferable license , non-sublicensable, fully revocable, limited license to the Dxrcointrade Services and Licensed Content for the purpose of generating and displaying the User Platform to End Users and to offer your User Products (as defined below) on such site only expressly permitted by the Dxrcointrade Terms, and only as part of the Dxrcointrade Services.


Dxrcointrade Terms does not grant any right or interest in Dxrcointrade's intellectual property (or any part thereof) except the limited license expressly granted under the terms of the above item. No Dxrcointrade Terms device constitutes grant or waiver of Dxrcointrade Intellectual Property Rights under any law.


In addition to the above, certain fonts included in the Dxrcointrade Services and made available to the user are licensed to Dxrcointrade by an external provider and are therefore subject to the supplemental license terms of that provider, which are summarized and available for evaluation on the https site : //www.Dxrcointrade.com/

#It's that simple

Dxrcointrade owns all rights to its Services, content, data, technology and resources.

You may use the Services and the content of Dxrcointrade provided that you fully observe these terms and that you ensure full and up-to-date payments.

Some sources made available to the user are licensed by a third party. Also remember to read the respective terms.

3.3. Feedback and Suggestions
If you provide any suggestions, comments or any other feedback to Dxrcointrade regarding the Dxrcointrade Service (whether existing, suggested or contemplated) that is or will be subject to any Intellectual Property rights ("Feedback"), such Feedback will belong exclusively to Dxrcointrade. By providing this Feedback to Dxrcointrade, You acknowledge and agree that this Feedback may be used by Dxrcointrade to further: (i) develop, personalize and improve Dxrcointrade Services, (ii) provide ongoing technical support and support, (iii) contacting the User with Dxrcointrade-related or general-related notifications and / or interview requests based on User's comments or otherwise, (iv) facilitating, sponsoring and offering certain promotions and monitoring performance, (v) creating aggregate statistical data and other aggregate and / or inferred information that Dxrcointrade may use to provide and improve its services, (vi) improve Dxrcointrade's data security and fraud prevention capabilities, and (vii) comply with any applicable laws and regulations. In addition, you (1) represent and warrant that such Feedback is accurate, complete and does not infringe the rights of third parties; (2) irrevocably assigns to Dxrcointrade any right, title, and participation You may have about such Feedback and (3) explicitly and irrevocably waives any and all claims relating to any moral rights, artist rights or any similar past rights, present or future worldwide on or to such Feedback.

4. Privacy

Certain portions of the Dxrcointrade Services (including certain Third Party Services available on the Dxrcointrade Services, explained in more detail in Section 8 below) require the submission, collection, and / or use of certain personally identifiable information. In particular and as part of accessing or using the Dxrcointrade Services, Dxrcointrade and third party services may collect, access and use certain data belonging to Dxrcointrade and End Users, including the browsing activities or data of Users and End Users, for Dxrcointrade Services and User Platforms. We encourage you to read our Privacy Policy and the policies of the services provided by third parties on a regular basis, in order to know the terms of said collection of data and practices of use of this data.

5. Service Fees

5.1. Room Service
Use of certain Dxrcointrade Services may be subject to payment of Specific Tariffs as determined by Dxrcointrade in its sole discretion (hereinafter "Paid Services" and "Tariffs", respectively). Dxrcointrade will alert you to the current Tariffs in case of use of any Paid Service. If you wish to receive or use such Paid Services, you must pay the applicable Rates before.


Dxrcointrade reserves the right to readjust its Tariffs at any time, upon notice to the user if the readjust affects its current signatures. If you have received a discount or other promotion, Dxrcointrade reserves the right to renew your subscription to Dxrcointrade Services automatically and without prior notice) using the applicable Rates.


All Fees shall be interpreted as in US dollars, unless otherwise specified in writing, published by Dxrcointrade. To the extent permitted by law (unless otherwise specified by Dxrcointrade in writing), all Fees are exclusive of taxes of any kind (including ad valorem taxes, sales taxes, goods and services, etc.), taxes or obligations imposed by (collectively, "Taxes"), and you are responsible for the payment of all applicable taxes in connection with your use of the Dxrcointrade Services or any payment or purchase made by you through Dxrcointrade. In the event that Dxrcointrade undertakes to collect or pay taxes on User Fees, whether these taxes are added to the Tariffs or collected by the user by virtue of previous transactions, such taxes shall be added to the payment of Open Tariffs and will appear on the respective invoice these transactions. We recommend that you check for any additional charges that may be levied by a third party related to the purchase of or in connection with the renewal of Services (such as international transaction fees, currency exchange rates or fees due to banks or credit card companies). Dxrcointrade is not responsible for any additional fees or costs.


As part of the registration and sending of information to receive by Pay Services, the user authorizes Dxrcointrade (directly or through its subsidiaries or authorized third parties) to request and collect payment (or charges, reimbursements or to take collection actions) the user's payment service provider or your registered bank account, as well as to make any inquiries that Dxrcointrade or its affiliates deem fit to validate the designated account for payment or user financial data in order to secure payment including for the purpose of receiving updated data for payments from your payment service provider, credit card administrator or bank (eg to update expiration dates or credit card numbers, provided to Dxrcointrade by the administrator of the user's credit card).

#It's that simple

Some of our services have a cost. We will inform the user the prices in advance.

Dxrcointrade prices are published in US dollars, free of tax unless otherwise stated.

If necessary, Dxrcointrade or its affiliates may request and collect payment and payment-related information from suppliers and banks.

5.2. Invoices
Dxrcointrade and its affiliated companies will issue an invoice or a memorandum of credit for all or any payments of Fees or reimbursements made by Dxrcointrade or for it (hereinafter "Invoice"). Each invoice will be issued in electronic form, based on the country registered in your billing address, and will be available to the user in your User Account and / or by email. For purposes of billing, Dxrcointrade may require you to provide certain personal information (as set forth in the Privacy Policy) to comply with local law. Please note that the invoice displayed in your User Account may be insufficient to meet local legal requirements. In this case, it should only be used for formalization purposes.

#It's that simple

Invoices for Dxrcointrade Paid Services will be made available in the User Account.

5.3. Auto Renew Subscription
To ensure that the user does not suffer any interruption or loss of services, certain Payments services include an automatic renewal option by default, according to which, unless the user cancels the automatic renewal option, such Paid Services will be automatically renewed at the end of the applicable subscription period, for a renewal term equal to the period of the original signature (excluding extended periods).


For example, if the original subscription period for a given service is one month, all renewal periods (when applicable) will be one month. Therefore, where applicable, Dxrcointrade will automatically attempt to charge you the applicable Fees using the form of payment you have registered with Dxrcointrade within two (2) weeks prior to the commencement of that renewal period. In the event of non-payment of the Fees due by the user, Dxrcointrade may, in its sole discretion (but not obliged to), attempt to charge again on another date and / or suspend or cancel the User Account without further notice. If the User's Paid Service is subject to an annual or multi-year subscription period, Dxrcointrade will seek to advise you prior to renewing such Paid Service at least 30 (thirty) days prior to the renewal date.

You may disable the automatic renewal option or cancel your Paid Services at any time through your User Account or by accessing the Dxrcointrade Help Center.


Certain domains are subject to a different renewal policy, as detailed in the Domain Registration Agreement. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, you are and will remain solely responsible for verifying and ensuring the successful renewal of the Dxrcointrade Services you use (whether or not those Dxrcointrade Services are subject to automatic subscription renewal ). Likewise, you will be solely responsible for any interruption of any Dxrcointrade Service you have previously acquired, including for cancellation, non-collection of applicable Recurring Fees, or because any Dxrcointrade Service is not subject to automatic renewal of signatures. You agree to be aware and agree that you will not be entitled to any claim against Dxrcointrade in connection with the termination of any Dxrcointrade Service or any third party, for any reason.

#It's that simple

To ensure that you do not lose your domain and that there are no disruptions to the functioning of your site at the end of the subscription period, Dxrcointrade services will be automatically renewed and charged to you at such regular intervals as your initial subscription, unless Cancel your subscription or disable automatic renewal.


Some services may not be automatically renewed, either by mistake or intentionally. The user must make sure that their subscription has been renewed in a timely manner.

5.4. Money back guarantee
If the User is not satisfied with Dxrcointrade Services that are subject to a Fee for a period of service or subscription commitment and that is their first acquisition of this service, the User may issue a cancellation notice for any reason within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of the first request or activation of the respective Dxrcointrade Services (the "Redemption" and "Redemption Period"). The Refund is applicable only to the first purchase of Dxrcointrade Services which is a free upgrade of a website by acquiring a Premium Plan (as provided on the Dxrcointrade Site). The refund does not apply to any additional purchases, upgrades, and modifications or renewals of the Dxrcointrade Services. If you reside in a jurisdiction that requires a longer Reimbursement Period, Dxrcointrade will adapt to such a requirement without hitching, observing all applicable laws. If Dxrcointrade receives such notice of this Redemption Period, Dxrcointrade will refund to you the amount paid by the Dxrcointrade Services in the currency in which they were originally paid, and cancel them as requested. We remind you that the refund amount may be different from the amount paid by the User due to changes in the currency exchange and third party tariffs. Dxrcointrade shall not be liable for any differences caused by changes in currency exchange rates or fees charged by third parties.

Once the refund period has elapsed, the Rates paid by the user will no longer be refundable and the services will no longer be canceled. In addition, if Dxrcointrade finds that a cancellation notice was issued in bad faith or as an unlawful attempt to evade payments for services actually received and used, the company reserves the right to charge the user who issues such notice by any Dxrcointrade Service actually used, under the law.

Note: Certain Dxrcointrade Services purchased or through these may not be refundable. Among them, we can cite Third Party Services such as domains, tools and commercial applications. The terms of each service purchased are indicated on the Dxrcointrade website and / or as part of the process of purchasing the services or applications themselves. It is up to the user to check the possibility of canceling a service before acquiring it. Dxrcointrade will not refund any amount paid for non-refundable third-party services, applications or services.

#It's that simple

Dxrcointrade offers a 14-day Warranty for Services paid monthly or annually, with money back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction. This guarantee may be extended, according to the law.


Carefully read the terms of each service before acquiring it, as some services are non-refundable.

5.5. Chargeback
If, at any time, Dxrcointrade registers a refusal, Chargeback or other refusal to charge any Charges due on your Dxrcointrade ("Chargeback") account, this shall be deemed to be in breach of your payment obligations under this agreement and the right to use of the Dxrcointrade Services may be disabled or terminated automatically.


In the event of a Chargeback made effective, the User Account may be blocked without the option of repurchase or re-use, and all data contained in such User Account, including any domain, application or Third Party Service shall be subject to cancellation and loss of capacity defined in Section 6.3 below).

Your use of the Dxrcointrade Services will not be re-established until new subscription is made to the Dxrcointrade Services and the applicable Fees are reimbursed, including any fees or expenses incurred by Dxrcointrade and / or third parties as a result of such Chargeback Dxrcointrade Services fees provided prior to said Chargeback, handling and processing fees and charges by the payments processor).


In case of any questions or inquiries regarding payments made to Dxrcointrade, we encourage you to first contact our Customer Service before you call any institution to effect Chargebacks or reverse payments in order to avoid termination of the Dxrcointrade Services and the blocking of the User Account, as well as to avoid making an incorrect or misleading Chargeback, which could result in the user being liable for the costs incurred, in addition to the corrected payment of all Fees applicable to the Dxrcointrade services purchased (and Chargeback) by user.

Dxrcointrade reserves the right to contest any Chargeback received, including by providing the financial institution or credit card administrator involved with any information and documentation that proves that the user is in fact responsible for the amounts unduly reversed for having authorized the respective transaction and have in fact used the respective services provided later.

6. Cancellation

6.1. Cancellation by the user
You may terminate your use and request the termination of your User Account and / or any Dxrcointrade Service at any time as per the instructions available on the Dxrcointrade Services. The date and time that the cancellation goes into effect will be the date and time that the user has completed the cancellation process on the Dxrcointrade Services website, and the effective date of cancellation of the Services paid will be at the end of the validity period of the paid Services subscription.

Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary herein, in connection with the subscription for automatically renewed paid Services, such subscription shall be terminated upon the expiration of the respective term of validity which has already been withdrawn. Please note that as cancellation process may take a few days, to avoid the next automatic renewal and the respective collection, the cancellation request must be made at least 14 (fourteen) days before the due date of the then current period of services.


For more information about canceling Paid Services, visit the Dxrcointrade Help Center.

#It's that simple

You may cancel your account or any purchased service at any time. Once the cancellation request has been processed, Dxrcointrade will no longer charge you for any renewal of the canceled services subscription.

6.2. Cancellation by Dxrcointrade
Failure to comply with any Dxrcointrade Term and / or payment due will give Dxrcointrade the right to suspend (until full discharge) or terminate the User Account and the User Platform (or certain features thereof), as well as the provision of any Dxrcointrade Service related services (eg Paid Services) or Third Party Services used by the user.

#It's that simple

If you breach any of these terms or fail to make timely payments, Dxrcointrade may suspend or terminate your account.

6.3. Loss of data, content and capacity
If the User Account or any Dxrcointrade Service or Third Party Service related to the User Account is terminated (either at the request of the user or by Dxrcointrade), this may result in the loss of content, features or capacity of the User Account, including any content user data, End User data or other usage data recorded in the account, and also including reservations or domain name registrations included in the respective services (herein "Loss of capacity"). Dxrcointrade is not liable in any way for such Loss of capacity or for the performance of backups of the User Account, User Content or End User data. Please also note that Additional Fees may be charged for the reactivation of a User Account and / or any Dxrcointrade Service subsequent to cancellation as determined by Dxrcointrade in its sole discretion.

7. E-commerce

Dxrcointrade Services also encompasses certain features that enable you to sell goods, content, media, and services through your User Platform ("User Products" collectively - "E-commerce").

You are solely responsible for your User Products and for the related activities of E-Commerce and for any promotion or content related thereto, quoted or that form part of the User Platform, as well as for observance of all laws applicable to such activities. Dxrcointrade is merely a provider of the platform users use to manage their e-commerce activities online. Dxrcointrade does not engage in user relationship and / or any of its transactions with any potential or actual purchaser of the User Products. When a person purchases User Products, payments for the respective transactions will be processed through outsourced service providers with whom the user has entered into a contract to register and set up their account (in this document "E-commerce Service Providers") , in accordance with the contracts and policies of the respective Service Providers. Dxrcointrade is not a party to these agreements and is not liable in any way for Your relationship with any E-commerce Service Provider, or for your actions.


By using any Dxrcointrade e-commerce feature, you acknowledge, represent and warrant that:

You will be fully and exclusively responsible for all taxes and charges of any nature associated with your E-commerce activities, including any taxes related to the purchase or sale of User Products, as well as for collection, reporting and remission of amounts owed to authorities and / or to inform End Users of these charges and to issue due invoices / invoices for operations, pursuant to the law; Any Taxes indicated by the Electronic Commerce features offered to you by Dxrcointrade are provided for illustrative purposes only and may not be adopted in your documentation;

The user is responsible and will bear all the costs of quotation and delivery of its User Products, as well as to provide them in a safe and professional manner, in keeping with industry standards;

You are solely responsible for any and all statements or promotions you make and for any kind of assistance, guarantee or support in relation to the User Products, and shall provide you with real data to contact in your User Platform for any problem, complaint or doubt ; and

You may not offer or sell any User Product, or provide any information, content or material relating to User Products that may be considered to be dangerous, pirated, stolen, fraudulent, offensive or abusive; whose sale, distribution or use is prohibited; or otherwise violate any applicable law, including consumer rights, intellectual property rights or privacy, product safety, trade sanctions, support, maintenance and export; and -

Dxrcointrade may, at any time and in its sole discretion, suspend, disable access or remove its User Platform and any User Product - whether it has been incorporated, published or added to the User Site at any time, and without any liability of the user or of any End User, including due to the resulting Loss of capacity.

8. Video Services

As part of the Dxrcointrade Services, Dxrcointrade may provide video services (such as Dxrcointrade Video or the Dxrcointrade Pro Gallery) for video management in the User Platform (the "Video Services").


The use of video services for the User Platform may require the user to obtain a license to use certain MPEG-LA patents (the "License"). It is up to the user to decide whether his activities require a license and obtain it. Information on the License can be obtained from MPEG LA L.L.C. at http://www.mpegla.com.

In addition to Section 13 above in these Terms of Use and without any limitation of liability, User shall indemnify, defend and fully indemnify Dxrcointrade, its directors, stockholders, employees, affiliates and agents from any and all damages, losses, liabilities, debts and expenses (including attorney's fees), as imputed, arising out of or in connection with the infringement and / or misuse of the patent fund under the MPEG-LA consortium.


• If you require a more comprehensive plan than the plans normally offered by Dxrcointrade, you should contact our support team at: support@Dxrcointrade.com.

9. Third Party Services

Dxrcointrade Services enables you to quote and contract certain third party services, products and tools to optimize your User Platform and your overall User experience, including, without limitation, domain registrations from which you may acquire user names domains for your User Site Platform, third-party applications and widgets offered on the Dxrcointrade website (including the Dxrcointrade App Market), third-party licensed content, media distribution services, e-commerce service providers, independent third parties that may assist the User with its User Platform, etc. in this document collectively "Third Party Services")


You acknowledge and agree that, regardless of how such Third Party Services may be offered to you (aggregated or integrated with other Dxrcointrade Services, separately via Dxrcointrade or Dxrcointrade authorized or authorized professionals, or otherwise offered at any location on the Dxrcointrade Services ), Dxrcointrade acts merely as an intermediary platform between you and the third party services and does not endorse any third party service or assume any responsibility for any aspect of them. Dxrcointrade will not be party to, or in any way responsible for, the monitoring, interaction, or transaction between you and the third party services.

You acknowledge that such services may require payment of additional amounts to Dxrcointrade and / or Independent Providers of those Services.

Any and all use of such third party services will be onus, risk and exclusive liability of the user and may be subject to the legal and financial provisions governing the respective services, which the user must know before hiring them.


While we strive to avoid such incidents, Dxrcointrade may at any time, in its sole discretion, prevent access to or remove from the User Account, the User Site (s) and / or the Dxrcointrade Services, any third party Service - whether incorporated or added to the User's Account and / or its website at the time - without any liability of the User or End Users.

10. Misconduct and Copyright

10.1. Misconduct and abuse
By using the Dxrcointrade Services, You may expose yourself to User Platforms, User Content or Third Party Services from a number of sources, which may not be accurate, offensive, objectionable or illegal. You hereby waive any legal or equitable right and any remedial action you may incur against Dxrcointrade in connection with such exposure.


If you believe that another user or a third party service exhibits improper behavior or misuse of any Dxrcointrade Service, we request that you immediately report that other User or Third Party Service to Dxrcointrade using this Form. You agree that your claim does not imply any liability on the part of Dxrcointrade and that the latter may consider the complaint and take action, refrain from any action or request additional information or documents before acting, at its sole discretion.

#It's that simple

If you witness or are the victim of any malicious conduct or abusive behavior by any person using the Dxrcointrade Services, you must inform Dxrcointrade immediately.

10.2. Copyright
Dxrcointrade acts in accordance with its interpretation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (herein "DMCA"). If you believe that your work has been copied or otherwise used in a manner that constitutes a copyright infringement, you may notify Dxrcointrade of such violation using this Form or by sending the following information in writing to the Dxrcointrade-designated copyright agent : (1) data to contact the person authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner; (2) description of the copyrighted work that the user claims to have been infringed; (3) a description of the material that is allegedly infringing or otherwise subject to copyright infringement and which must be removed or access to which is to be disabled, with sufficient information to allow Dxrcointrade to locate it (including URL); (4) a user's statement that you are acting in good faith and that you believe that the use of the material in the alleged manner is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent or by law; and (5) a statement that the information contained in the notice is accurate under penalty of perjury and that the user is the copyright owner or authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner allegedly infringed.

Dxrcointrade's copyright agent may be contacted at the following address:


Dxr3200 Investments .INC




A / c: Copyright Agent



E-mail: support@Dxrcointrade.com


In the event that Dxrcointrade receives copyright infringement notice relating to the User Account or the User Platform, it may cancel the Account, disable the Platform or remove any portion of its Content, in its sole discretion, with or without notice prior to the user. In that case, the user may issue the appropriate notice pursuant to Section 512 of the DMCA, which shall include: (1) the full name, address, telephone number, and physical or electronic signature of the user; (2) identification of the material and its location prior to removal; (3) statement, under penalty of perjury, that the material was removed by mistake or misidentification; (4) consent of the user for the action of the appropriate judicial body; and (5) any other information required under the DMCA. Any notice given under this Section 9 may be deemed accepted, applicable and in accordance with the DMCA or otherwise, at Dxrcointrade's sole discretion, under applicable terms. Dxrcointrade reserves the right to notify the person or entity providing the relevant notice of infringement or the respective counter-notification and data cited in this clause.

11. Disclaimer of Warranty Liability

Dxrcointrade renders Dxrcointrade Services "as is", "with all faults as they appear" and "as available" without warranty of any kind, including without implied warranty or merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, professional initiative, non-infringement or any other guarantee, to the extent permitted by law. Dxrcointrade particularly does not represent or warrant that the Dxrcointrade Services (or any part, feature or content thereof) is complete, accurate, reliable, secure, or of a certain quality, or is otherwise suitable or compatible with any type of activity, device, operating system, navigator, software or tool contemplated by the user (or its end users), or which is maintained for any length of time or that complies with any applicable law of the user or its end users (including any jurisdiction in operating), or that its operation is free from viruses, worms, or any similar component, or from program limitations. In addition, Dxrcointrade does not endorse any entity, product or service (including any third party service) quoted or made available on the Dxrcointrade Services - therefore requiring you to verify them prior to use or contracting.

Dxrcointrade may, at its sole discretion (without having any obligation to do so), screen, monitor and / or edit any User Platform and / or User Content at any time and for any reason, with or without notice prior.


Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary herein, in no event shall Dxrcointrade be deemed to be the "publisher" of any User Content, endorse any User Content, and shall not be liable for any uploaded, uploaded, posted, uploaded User Content and / or made available by any user or third party through the Dxrcointrade Services, whatever the use or the user, for damages, exclusions or damages related to the content or caused by users, or any damages, costs or damages incurred or suffered by users or third parties as a result of user content published, accessed and / or used in good faith. In addition, Dxrcointrade shall not be liable for any errors, defamation, slander, falsehood, obscenity, pornography, incitement and / or any other type of user content that violates laws and rights found by users or third parties.


You acknowledge that there are risks in and use of the Dxrcointrade Services and / or linked to them and / or when negotiating through them or any third party Service through Dxrcointrade or connected to them, and that Dxrcointrade can not offer and does not offer any kind of guarantee regarding the results of the use and / or interaction with these services. You hereby assume all such risks, liabilities and / or damages of any kind arising out of or in connection with such interactions. These risks may include, but are not limited to, false statements of information about and for Third Party Services and Licensed Content, breaches of warranties and contracts, violation of rights, and consequential claims.

Dxrcointrade does not recommend the use of Dxrcointrade Services as a host of personal content and will not assume any obligation regarding security or integrity or any risk relating to such infringements or damage to such content.

Note that certain Dxrcointrade Services are currently offered in the BETA version and are in the test phase. You agree to be aware and agree that certain Dxrcointrade Services may contain software errors, be disrupted, and not function as expected or as intended. Your use of the Dxrcointrade Services at the BETA stage means that you agree to participate in the testing period for these services.

12. Limitation of Liability

To the extent permitted by law, under applicable jurisdiction, Dxrcointrade, its directors, officers, shareholders, employees, affiliates and agents shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary or consequential damages , regardless of its nature, including for any damages resulting from: (1) errors, mistakes, or inaccuracies of or in any content; (2) any personal injury or property damage related to your use of the Dxrcointrade Services; (3) any unauthorized access to Dxrcointrade servers and any personal information and other information stored thereon; (4) any type of interruption or shutdown of transmission to and from the Dxrcointrade Services; (5) use or display of any content or User Content posted, e-mail transmitted, or otherwise made available via Dxrcointrade Services; and (6) events beyond Dxrcointrade's reasonable control, including any failure of the Internet, equipment failure, power outage, strike, labor litigation, riot, insurrection, civil disturbance, labor or raw material shortages, fire, flood , storm, earthquake, explosion, fortuitous event, war, act of terrorism, intergalactic phenomena, government actions, court orders or third party default; and / or (7) loss of use, data, profits, funds, or other intangible losses resulting from the use or inability to use any or all of the Dxrcointrade Services.

You agree to be aware and agree that such liability limitations are agreed upon risk allocations that are part of the provision of Dxrcointrade Services to you, and that such limitations apply even if Dxrcointrade has been advised of the possibility of such liability.


You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Dxrcointrade, its directors, officers, shareholders, employees, affiliates and agents from and against any and all claims, damages, liabilities, losses, liabilities, costs, liabilities and expenses ( including attorneys' fees) arising from: (1) your violation of any term of this instrument or any other Dxrcointrade Terms; (2) your breach of any third party right, including any copyright, access, ownership, or privacy, caused by the User Platform or User Content and your use of the Dxrcointrade Services by you, including, without limitation, measures of the Dxrcointrade Services for the benefit of the user; and (3) any other type of claim that User Platform or User Content has caused damage to third parties

14. General provisions

15.1. Changes and Updates
Dxrcointrade reserves the right to change, suspend or terminate any Dxrcointrade Services (or any such resource, or the prices applicable thereto) and / or terminate your access to any Dxrcointrade Services (including the removal of any Dxrcointrade Services created by you in connection with the Dxrcointrade Services) for any reason and / or and to add any of the Dxrcointrade Terms with or without notice - at any time and in such manner as you deem fit. You agree that Dxrcointrade shall not be liable to you or any third party for any modification, suspension or discontinuance of such Dxrcointrade Services. If any change involves the payment of additional fees, Dxrcointrade will advise you of such charges before the changes take effect. If you fail to pay or decline the Readjusted Tariffs, Dxrcointrade may (in its sole discretion) terminate the User Account (as explained in detail in Section 6 above), to keep your existing Dxrcointrade Services active on such occasion without changes in alternative service.

#It's that simple

Dxrcointrade may make changes to its services or these terms at any time.

15.2. Applicable legislation and forum
The Dxrcointrade Terms, the rights and remedies provided herein, and any and all claims or litigation thereon relating to or relating to the Dxrcointrade Services, their interpretation, or any breach, termination or validity, relationships arising out of performance of the Dxrcointrade Terms, or any transaction or acquisition related thereto, shall be governed, interpreted and judged in all respects solely in accordance with the

domestic law of the State of Israel, notwithstanding any disagreement with the laws and principles of another jurisdiction.

All litigation or litigation will be settled, and you hereby agree to be settled exclusively by a court or other competent jurisdiction located in the district of Tel Aviv, Israel. The present Convention excludes the application of the United

International Purchase and Sale Agreements.

Subject to any applicable law, all litigation between you and Dxrcointrade shall be resolved only on an individual basis, and you shall not have the right to pursue any claim against Dxrcointrade as an author or member of a class, consolidated or representative action (or any other legal proceedings performed by a group or by representatives on behalf of third parties).


Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Section 14.2, if the User is located in the United States of America, (i) the legal jurisdiction that will govern all aspects of the payment transaction contemplated in Section 5 between the User and Dxrcointrade shall be the New York, without giving effect to its principles of conflict of laws, and (ii) any and all claims and disputes relating to such payment transaction contemplated in Section 5 shall be brought to, and the User hereby agrees that they be decided exclusively by a court of competent jurisdiction located in New York City, New York.

#It's that simple

These terms (together with the additional terms of Dxrcointrade) constitute the entire content of the agreement now entered into between the parties.

15.3. Notifications
Dxrcointrade may send you notifications using any of the following methods: (1) via Dxrcointrade Services, including through banners or pop-up windows the scope of the Dxrcointrade website on the internet, the User Account or at another point from the website; (2) by e-mail, sent to the e-mail address informed by the user to Dxrcointrade; and (3) by any other means, including by telephone or correspondence to the physical address entered by the user. Dxrcointrade's user notices shall be deemed to have been received and in effect within twenty-four (24) hours after its publication or dispatch by any of the above methods, unless otherwise stated in the notification itself.

#It's that simple

Dxrcointrade may send you notices, through its services, by email or by any other means of contact provided by the user.

15.4. Bond
The Dxrcointrade Terms and the use of the Dxrcointrade Services by the user shall not be construed as a means of generating any type of partnership, consortium, labor, agency or franchise bond between the parties.

#It's that simple

Acceptance of these terms and services does not create a partnership bond or any special relationship between the parties.

15.5. Entire contract content
These Terms of Use, in conjunction with the Dxrcointrade Terms and any other legal notice or tariffs provided to you by Dxrcointrade, constitute the entire contents of the contract now entered into between Dxrcointrade and you in connection with the subject matter of this agreement or and shall prevail over any and all agreements, covenants, promises, conditions, bargaining, agreements or prior or contemporaneous or verbal or written declarations made between Dxrcointrade and the user, including those executed between any of the respective representatives, in any of the Dxrcointrade Services. You further agree that you shall not rely on any promise, encouragement, statement, claim, disclosure or duty of disclosure of Dxrcointrade by entering into any of the Dxrcointrade Terms.

#It's that simple

These terms (in conjunction with Dxrcointrade's Privacy Policy and additional terms) constitute the entire content of the agreement now entered into between the parties.

15.6. Assignment of rights
Dxrcointrade may assign rights and obligations under this agreement and transfer ownership rights and ownership of the Dxrcointrade Services and Licensed Content to third parties without the user's consent and without prior notice. You may not assign or transfer any right or obligation under this agreement without the prior written permission of Dxrcointrade. Any attempt to assign rights in this direction without Dxrcointrade's prior express written consent shall be null and void and void. In any event, an assignment or transfer under this Section 13.6 does not in itself represent the assignment to Dxrcointrade or the user of the right to cancel any Dxrcointrade Service or Third Party Service that is in effect at the time.

#It's that simple

Dxrcointrade may assign rights and obligations to third parties. You may only do so with written permission from Dxrcointrade.

15.7. Autonomy of contractual clauses and terms of disclaimer
If any provision of the Dxrcointrade Terms is found to be void, unlawful or unenforceable for any reason by a court of competent jurisdiction, the provision in question shall be deemed dismemberable and shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the other provisions. No estoppel to any breach or default of any Dxrcointrade Term shall be deemed to waive any prior or subsequent breach or default.

#It's that simple

These terms are independent of each other, in the event that any of them is deemed unenforceable.

15.8. Interpretation
All headings, captions and section titles of this agreement and all explanations or summaries in the right column entitled "#ItsThatEasy" are provided for convenience only and should not define or explain in any way any provision of this instrument, nor they generate legal bond of any nature to any of the parties. These Terms of Use were originally written in English and translated into other languages for user convenience. You can access and view versions in other languages by changing the language settings on your Dxrcointrade site on the internet. If a translated version (other than English) of these Terms of Use differs in any respect from the English version, the provisions of the English version shall prevail.

#It's that simple

Only the left column generates legal binding (this column is for clarification only).

Translated versions (in a language other than English) of these terms are offered for convenience only.

15.9. (Disclaimer/Intermediation)
Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Before deciding to trade foreign exchange you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts.

Any opinions, news, research, analyses, prices, or other information contained on our service or on in any format or platform is provided as general market commentary, and does not constitute investment advice. DXR3200 INVESTMENTS.INC will not accept liability for any loss or damage, including without limitation to, any loss of profit, which may arise directly or indirectly from use of or reliance on such information.

There are risks associated with utilizing an Internet-based deal execution trading system including, but not limited to, the failure of hardware, software, and Internet connection. Since ForexTrade1 do not control signal power, its reception or routing via Internet, configuration of your equipment or reliability of its connection, we cannot be responsible for communication failures, distortions or delays when trading via the Internet

Trading futures and options involves the risk of loss. Please consider carefully whether futures or options are appropriate to your financial situation. Only risk capital should be used when trading futures or options. Investors could lose more than their initial investment

While we take our accuracy seriously, our clients should realize that we do NOT offer a 100% guarantee on our calls and hence cannot offer any refund on subscriptions regardless of the individual client’s performance

By accepting and taking advantage of our service, you agree that there will be absolutely no refund after subscription,

Hypothetical Results Disclaimer

Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results or success.. Forex trading involves significant risk of loss and may not be suitable for all investors.

Dont invest Money that you can afford to lose.

15.10. Customer Service Contact Information
To contact Dxrcointrade Customer Support, use one of the options listed below:

Visit the Dxrcointrade help center, available at: https://www.Dxrcointrade.com

Send an email message to: Support@Dxrcointrade.com

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